Woodbine Cares Charitable Wager Official Winner: LongRun Thoroughbred Retirement Society

Rudy Weitze won the 2017 Woodbine Cares Charitable Wager handicapping contest. Rudy selected four winners and 3 additional second place finishers on the Woodbine Mile card to amass a total of 108.9 point besting the other contestants representing their favourite horse racing charities.

THE ‘WINNER GIVES ALL’ DONATION POOL TOTALING $625 WILL GO TO LONGRUN THOROUGHBRED RETIREMENT SOCIETY including $100 from Woodbine Entertainment Group and at least $25 from the contest host.

In order to compete in the Charitable Wager Woodbine Cares handicapping contest each contestant pledged to donate at least CAN $25 to the charity selected by the contest winner. Rudy Weitze has designated that the complete Donation Pool go to https://twitter.com/LongRunTB. In addition to selecting the winning charity, Rudy will also receive a TEPIN halter graciously donated by Team Casse.

TEPIN halter

Each contestant has pledge to make the donation to the winning charity within a week of the contest. Contestants and other generous folks can make their donations through the following link established by the charity:

LongRun Donations

Through fundraising and volunteer work, as well as assistance from the Ontario thoroughbred industry, LongRun evaluates retired racehorses, provides all needed care they require on our new farm, and works to place them in permanent, loving homes.

Funds raised by LongRun are used to cover expenses, such as: feed, shipping and blacksmith services, basic re-training, medical expenses, as well as for miscellaneous expenses such as blankets and halters.
Donate today to help an ex-racehorse!!

LongRun welcomes new volunteers to participate at our fundraising events, perform farm inspections, and to follow up with adoptees by visiting them at their new homes as a LongRun guardian!

Please, if you have an extra stall in your barn, we encourage you to consider adopting a LongRun retiree. What is reverse mortgage? We have many beautiful thoroughbreds available in our program, just waiting for that special person to bring them home.

In the Woodbine Cares Contest, 20 contestants pledged to represent their various horse racing charities before these races.

The official results after all races by contestants’ first name:

Rank Contestant Score
1 Rudy 108.9
2 Jessica 82.1
3 Andy 79.2
4 William 78.2
5 Kari 76.2
6 Ken 65.6
7 Robert 64.5
8 Stacie 63.4
9 Julie 59.3
10 Tommy 56.9
11 Bailey 53.9
12 Dan 45.3
13 Julia 44.0
14 Katie 43.3
15 Stephen 39.1
16 Molly Jo 32.3
17 Sheri 23.5
18 Klaus 21.2
19 Nicolle 18.4
20 Jude 16.1

The official results after all races by contestants’ designated charity:

Rank Charity Score
1 LongRun TB Retirement Society #1 108.9
2 Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society #1 82.1
3 Rethink Breast Cancer 79.2
4 TB Racetrack Chaplaincy of Canada #1 78.2
5 Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society #2 76.2
6 LongRun TB Retirement Society #2 65.6
7 LongRun TB Retirement Society #3 64.5
8 Conservation Halton Foundation 63.4
9 LongRun TB Retirement Society #4 59.3
10 TB Racetrack Chaplaincy of Canada #2 56.9
11 Community Assn for Riders w/Disabilities 53.9
12 LongRun TB Retirement Society #5 45.3
13 LongRun TB Retirement Society #6 44.0
14 Halton Women’s Place #1 43.3
15 LongRun TB Retirement Society #7 39.1
16 Halton Women’s Place #2 32.3
17 LongRun TB Retirement Society #8 23.5
18 Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society #3 21.2
19 LongRun TB Retirement Society #9 18.4
20 Halton Women’s Place #3 16.1

Additional updates regarding the contest will be available at: Charitablewager.com, and #CWager on Twitter.com.

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