Charitable Wager – 2016 Boxing Day Betting Challenge Form

2016 Boxing Day Betting Challenge sponsored by PAULICK REPORT
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In the spirit of the horse racing twitter world uniting for good, all participants will voluntarily put up a minimum of $20 US to compete in a mythical bankroll handicapping contest where the winner gets to decide what charity receives all of the donation pool. No monies will trade hands between the contest organizers or any contestants. Donations will be made on the honor system. 100% of donation pool will go to the designated charity. The winner will select from over a dozen horse racing themed charities. The Winner Gives All. Your donation will be made after the contest has been completed.


  1. Only one entry allowed per person.
  2. Fill out the contest form below completely, including your name and email. Optionally, you may provide your twitter handle and follow along with the #CWager hashtag.
  3. Submit one selection for each race below and one alternate if you choose to designate one. If your selection is scratched and no alternate selection was made, you will receive the post-time favourite as your selection.
  4. Most importantly select the charity for which your are playing from the list of a dozen plus horse racing themed charities.
  5. Mythical bankroll totals will reflect $2 win-place-show payouts for winning selections. Contest payouts will be those reported by Equibase. In the event that a contest race is cancelled or declared a ‘No Contest’ by the race track’s board of stewards, there will be no replacement race and all contestants will receive zero points for the race.
  6. Once selections have been made they can not be changed. In tournament vernacular, Charitable Wager contests are ‘lockdown’ or ‘pick & pray’ events.
  7. In the event of a tie, player with highest return on a single race will be named the winner. If there is still a tie, then the next tie breaker will be the contestant with the most ‘wins’ in the contest.
  8. Selections are due no later 3:01 PM EST on Monday, December 26, 2016 in order to use all contest races. Entries submitted, fashionably late, after the “off time” (as reported by Equibase) for first contest race will only receive scores for races which have not started.
  9. All disputes will be decided by the Charitable Wager Host and will be final.



With my contest submission, I understand the rules of the contest and ‘pledge to bet for a cause’ and to donate to the charity designated by the winner by the end of the year (i.e. scout’s honour to make payment on or before Saturday, December 31, 2016).