SHOWcase Contest Entry Form

Charitable Wager: SHOWcase Contest

In the spirit of the horse racing twitter world uniting for good, all participants will voluntarily donate to a horse racing themed charity a minimum of $25 USD to compete in a mythical show parlay handicapping contest. No donations will be handled directly by the contest organizers. Donations will be made in advance of the contest selection. 100% of the donation will go to the designated charity and be made directly with the charity.

Only one donation is required per SHOWcase streak attempt. If your streak ends, then you may re-buy in with a subsequent donations to start a new streak attempt.

The first contestant to select fifty (50) consecutive on-the-board finishers will receive a PayPal gift of $100 USD from the contest host. Additionally, their SHOWcase charity will receive an additional $100 USD charitable donation from the contest host. If no one has strung together fifty consecutive show finishes by Giving Tuesday, 2018, the contest host will donate $100 USD to the charity of the longest successful SHOWcase streak.




Optional – Follow Along On Twitter with #CWager

For Contest Organizers Only. Email Address Will Not Be Distributed Or Sold.

Represented Charity Will Remain The Same For A SHOWcase Streak Attempt.

SHOWcase Is Limited To North American Thoroughbred Racecourses

SHOWcase Is Limited To North American Thoroughbred Races With A Minimum Field Size Of Five

SHOWcase Is Limited To North American Thoroughbred Races With A Minimum Field Size Of Five


With my contest submission, I understand the rules of the contest and ‘pledge to bet for a cause’ and understand that for a new streak to begin a donation receipt must be emailed to charitablewager at gmail dot com.


The contest will operate on under the framework of the Charitable Wager Rules as a $2 Show ‘lockdown’ formatted mythical show parlay contest with the following amended rules:

  1. The first day for contest entry is Giving Tuesday November 28, 2017. The contest will end with the first contestant to successful select 100 consecutive on-the board finishers. If no one selects 100 in a row, the last day for contest entry is Monday, November 26, 2018.
  2. Submission deadline for this contest is the “off time” (as reported by Equibase) for contest race selected.

  3. Only SHOWcase selection may be made per day regardless of start or scratch of runner.
  4. SHOWcase race selections will be limited to thoroughbred races conducted in North America between Tuesday, November 28, 2017 and Monday, November 26, 2018 inclusive.
  5. SHOWcase race selections will only count against the streak with a minimum of five (5) starting betting interests per contest race.
  6. Contestants are not obligated to play daily. The option exists to pass on the whole day while keeping a streak alive.
  7. SHOWcase streaks will not end in the event of steward-declared ‘no contest’ or cancellation.